What is the adoption fee and what does it include?
Adoption fees vary with each dog and typically range from $150 to 
$500. They are set, taking into account the dog’s age, training level, temperament, if they’re newly arrived, medical condition(s) (if any) and other factors. Adoption fees are used not only to rescue and place the dog you are personally adopting, but to aid in the future rescue and rehabilitation of other deserving dogs. Adoption fees are necessary; without fees our rescue efforts would quickly come to an end. 
The adoption fee includes spay/neuter, microchip and up to date vaccinations. Puppies under six months may not include microchips or spay/neuter.


Tell me about fostering your dogs. 
The first step is always filling out an application. Whether you’re fostering or adopting, we always need to make sure we match you up with the right shepherd. They all have different personalities, likes and dislikes and it’s very important that foster families and their foster dogs live in ‘harmony’. Fosters care for the dogs in their homes until the dog is adopted by his/her forever family. Rescue pays for their medical care while they’re foster dogs, unless the family wants to pick up the tab, which is always appreciated by us.


Do you place dogs in homes with small children?
Yes we do. Most German Shepherd are wonderful with kids in general, although we always have dogs that would do better without small kids. Some might knock them over in their enthusiasm, some very young pups might consider kids as ‘chew toys’ (you know those teething months), and some just might not be good with children. We always do our best to match the right temperament with the right family/kids, although there are no guarantees.